Chapters Album

by River Jumpers

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Chapters 03:56
Pick me up, chuck me out This news is weighing me down The room is full tonight But I can barely hear a sound I'm struggling to find Some sense in all this mess It's not a question why But how we rise up from this Let's hit the streets Tonight! Tonight! And toast to all the absentees & blinking lights We'll stay out Until the sun comes up I've got some writing on, On my wall from years ago When I look back I, I think that I've always known This is part of me And I will never let it go Time doesn't wait for us So let's get out, enjoy the show
To run away with every ounce of obligation, never held to be accountable, For what you’ve done leaves our integrity in pieces and what’s worse is the slow repetition, And as we fall we’ll find a new solution and we’ll call for total retribution for us all, As the draft is re-written yeah we won’t keep ending up like this ‘Cos now we’ve got it all figured out and I’ll tell you we’re doing just fine Substance in the depths of conversation we remember the days of our lives We have our ways, to cope with lost prosperity, direction and insecurity, And I can’t think straight, I can’t let my emotions about recent news that’s been made clear to me, Now we know that we are over powering with our call, as we raise the bar much higher than before and as we step this time then we stop, running around like this
I’m so un-assuming of the things that I see, and I can’t understand it, How so many people remain so egocentric I’m struggling to cope at all, Despondency surrounds us, and it beats me in, lets modify the way we think, act and change the way we live But when the night time comes around, I pick myself up off the ground, I hope to death that I stand for something, when we’re rocking out I hope your listening in, we’ve gotta get this right, with every scream And I need to remember just what I started for, re-connect with some of the old times take a stand and make it work And after all this time, we emanate to scrap this disposition now, not fade away Power, fashion, war and suffering, share these same pages, of our new doctrine it adds pressure to the way we should be, I say down with this, A change to modern culture, is what we need, autonomous and self ruling, to be at liberty
Diamonds 03:18
So will you bury your head? Like I do. Forsake the prolongation, of anything more, a perception of total relief And as the guilt sets in and this heart sinks, Deep to the back of my chest I take a deep long breath I’m about to go under again. She’s always there, a picture perfect in this awful mess, are you still living at that old address? I swear I’ll find out soon enough, that girls a diamond in the rough And with this exasperation we will always second guess, the choices we make, and the words that we Spin and the way that we handle ourselves, Just getting by is a trial, and love always suffers when you can’t let it go, but could we ever survive off the culture left over from this
You’re making it obvious, that the time isn’t there for us, when you’re ready girl I’ll be waiting here, I’m sat drunk in the afternoon, trip ready with a bunch of tunes, tired eyes are all that I hold dear We’ve got skills and we’ve got charms, run on empty, and like the times before we take it seriously, we’ve got heart and we’ve got fire but most of all yeah we’ve got all of us Well It’s clear my dear, while you’re out on the dance floor, I’ll be five doors down listening to all of my favourite songs in this place where I belong. In that place where I belong Suns out and we’re stuck in here, man I hate this time of year, and I wish that I could get away, Back out on the road again, an excuse to see all my friends, these times are all that I hold dear
Were you happier in life at sixteen, Or are you making strides now? Tell me everything you can about you Yeah I honestly must know I often think about the better times we shared but those memories are fading I often talk about the better times we had but those memories, they fade I've been building these tall walls for years now but I just tear them down for you It's not the waking up riddled with guilt I'm just a hopeless case for romance
I won't be finding my questions and answers from this evening's entertainment It's a good life when you question everything but that includes your own beliefs and those of your peers they don't have to be revered Just because it seems logical doesn't make it true I built it up again, I know Just to break it down and pull us around I'm sitting back, losing the facts, watching it all collapse around me theory is built on a bed of perspective and conversation An hour long documentary just won't suffice Things are never that simple There's a rebuke for everything But I see it now, Yea I see it now Yea I see it now I'm aghast at my own convictions They're getting the best of me So I’ll retrace all my steps Choose my words carefully Despite seeing it all Collapse down around me
Look Away 03:14
Since I’ve been around this house, there’s nothing left, Not a room that won’t feel empty, as we refuse to break a smile, Is this what you bargained for, or was it something more? There was a time when I’d get away to, a place where a felt less tired, a point where I won’t let go. We’ve got all this life to run, and now we’re motionless, as we fall into the traps, of slowly settling up, Is this real is this real and can we really get out of this? I’ve got nothing left to give, I’m simply running out of hope, No longer gripped tight to the groove I had But what else can we do, and who is keeping score? There was a time when I’d walk away, I’d keep a night bag by the door, and make a one way mission home But now I’m not so sure, have we been here before?
As we reach for the wealthiest seed, do we really know better? To fall apart at a much slower speed, and be part of a cycle, I think the world owes me something, a life without high glass ceilings and And their profits lie deep in their pockets whilst their hands remain deep down in mine Tear down the walls, tear down the walls, tear down the walls they want to be free Can we really forgive what’s been allowed to happen? Exploiting people of the everyday and fuelling a class system that’s made its mark once or twice, Through the riots and the struggles and fighting shown unity through a unified heart.
Did you hear us when we were calling out your name? As we all sat there with clouds breaking over head, With a sense of knowing things will never be the same, We still hoped you were getting out, Yeah we hoped you were getting out And as we watched I swear that your soul was watching over us, And you were trying your best to be strong, And such a sad situation, we’ll never be able to share stories again, Yes it’s a mad situation when you’re losing it all I need the strength of ten And did you feel us as we holding up your head, When I whispered ‘you were the strongest man that I had ever met’, And as we all gathered our thoughts right by the bedside, We still hoped you were getting out, Yeah we hoped you were getting out. And I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, and as the moments rolled on and you didn’t pull through, I miss you


This is our debut album. Released in December 2012. Enjoy!



released October 12, 2012

Recorded and produced by Peter Miles at Middle Farm Studios with James Bragg and Ed Ripley in July 2012.

Iona Cairns (Great Cynics) Guest Vocals on 'Five Doors Down'


© copyright and publishing Nicholas Davis


all rights reserved



River Jumpers Brighton, UK

Nic Davis | Vocals
Paul Perity | Bass/Vocals
Jonny Cloke | Guitar
Tom Lamont | Guitar
Max Wingell | Drums

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